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Leptitox Reviews

Leptitox Review – Does It Work?

Obesity is an issue that is prevalent in all parts of the world. In fact, the statistics show that the cases of these conditions are rising day by day. Tackling the issues of being overweight or obese is very hard, especially now. In such a situation, people often go for other ways to manage this issue, such as taking one of the many supplements for weight loss. Leptitox is one of the most popular ones. This article will give leptitox reviews of the product and provide unbiased information on it.

Leptitox Reviews

It is important that you take some of the tips we have given you seriously if you are going to lose thigh fat or leg fat quickly. Keto diets have really come leptitox on strong in the past year and a half and for good reason. It’s a great way to not only shed those unwanted pounds quick but also a great way to get healthy and stay that way. For those that have tried the Keto Diet and are still on it, it’s more than just a diet. It’s a way of life, a completely new lifestyle.

Ingredients Used in Leptitox Supplements

Leptitox is made using all-natural ingredients that have amazing benefits for our bodies. Here is a list of ingredients so that you can make sure that this weight loss solution will definitely help you without putting any chemicals in your body.

  • Barberry: Improves the brain’s health and helps your body with healthy cholesterol
  • Jujube: It is renowned for cleansing endocrine disruptors
  • Alfalfa: It replenishes the vitamins and healds the liver quickly
  • Marian Thistle: Detoxifies BPA and has anti-aging effects
  • Taraxacum Leaves: Encourages liver health and are ideal for the body
  • Brassicas: Has excellent antioxidant properties
  • Grape Seed: Helps in eliminating harmful toxins from the body that encourages bad cholesterol
  • Chanca Piedra: It promotes digestion and cleanses the liver
  • Apium Graveolens Seed: It helps in detoxifying EDC and DEHP

Some other ingredients include n-Acetyl, Chicory Root, Chlorine, Burdock Root, and Methionine. As it is clearly visible that most of these ingredients are completely organic, which means that you are consuming something which is safe for your health.

Can you lose weight Using Leptitox Pill?

Leptitox detox pills come up with special detoxifying abilities that burn the excess fat present in the body. Usually, these fats are found in arms, lower face, thighs, and around the belly.

If you are lethargic and do not want to do any exercise and still want to reduce your weight, Leptitox supplements are the best remedies for you. Let us discuss this in-depth in the Leptitox supplement review. GMP certifies the capsules of Leptitox detox. Therefore, it is safe for any person with a heavyweight.

Overweight often causes several types of disorders. These disorders include high blood pressures, thyroid, hypertension, obesity, and much more. There is a total of 22 detoxifying agents, and those are 100 per cent natural. There are several plant extracts and nutrients that are efficient for the human body. We shall discuss the ingredients in the further sections.

Leptin is a hormone that is present in the body. Leptin produces the fat cells of the body. However, this hormone is essential for the body to regulate the energy level. Apart from this, Leptin is also responsible for the regulation of calories. Therefore, your fat and the overweight problem is entirely under control. In the further sections, we shall also discuss the working of Leptitox supplements in our body.

Chatroulette alternatives

Best Chatroulette Alternatives To Talk With Strangers

Looking for some fun chat sites like Chatroulette? determine 10 Best Chatroulette Alternatives during this article. the planet of the internet has millennial sources for entertainment, some simple and a few strange. One very fashionable one is “Chatroulette.” You must have tried or at least heard from someone about this site and therefore the controversies associated with it. Here we are going to share the Best chatroulette alternatives to chat with the strangers.

Chatroulette alternatives

Chatroulette may be fun chatting online website that makes random user pair for a webcam-based conversation. Visitors can chat with other visitors via audio, video or text and either one can leave the conversation anytime.

Since its invention by a 17-year old high school student in Russia, the web site skyrocketed to fame. thanks to controversial reasons, Chatroulette changed its rules and this successively, changed the web site completely. People began disliking the location. People now look for alternatives for this site.

Best Chatroulette Alternatives

After thoroughly scrounging the web, we’ve discovered many new fun websites for cam-to-cam conversations that you simply all would like to try.


Omegle is one of the simplest sites to satisfy and interact with random strangers via the web. the web site connects random people and lets them have one-on-one conversation anonymously. nobody will know who you’re unless you tell them. you’ll leave the chat at any moment. One added advantage is that you simply can add your interests to your profile then Omegle will filter the people supported your interests.


This is yet another video chat platform available for android, iOS, and PC. The main perk of using Shagle is that you don’t need to register for an account to chat with random strangers. You can quickly and simply meet new people anonymously. You can also send various virtual gifts to people you are chatting with.


Along with Chatroulette and Omegle, Chatspin is additionally the fastest growing web portal to possess a webcam-based conversation with random strangers. Chatspin is that the video chatting app that allows you to celebrate with people you’ve got never met before. it’s available on Android, iOS and Desktop also but with fewer features.

The best part about Chatspin is that you simply don’t get to register yourself and it contains filters like a country filter, gender filter, etc. the method is fun, fast and straightforward.


If yes, Chatrad is the best Chatroulette alternative website for you. Chatrad lets people connect with random people to form friends, find love, share an interest, showcase their talent or to precise themselves. you’ll interact with strangers on a person’s level just to display your culture and study there.

Chatrad has moderators online 24×7 that ban the people showing exhibitionist behaviour or people that commit any inappropriate action. Chatrad provides an excellent rostrum to socialize.

peryourhealth portal

How To Pay Your Medical Bill Online With Peryourhealth

In these times, day by day the technology has various features for paying your medical bills from mobile or computer. Everyone prefers to pay bills in a simple way through the web with none time taking process. in order that a person needn’t attend the medical shop/centre to pay their medical bills by waiting during a queue for hours. Nowadays most folks are mobile and laptop users and use the online to urge the straightforward arrangement of anything.

peryourhealth portal
This is the rationale why many individuals choose peryourhealth online payment method to pay their medical bills. One such payment method to form the billing process very easy and straightforward is ‘Peryourhealth’.


Peryourhealth is one of the simplest online payment platforms. it’s connected with numerous well-known emergency clinics within the state. This service made the users pay their medical bills very simple and also efficient without facing technical problems. thanks to this the user gets satisfied and prepared to use this service only.

Here you’ll check and schedule your medical bills, statements and may also request money transfer, etc. Not just this, there are numerous highlights that this site permits its clients. Peryourhealth gives alerts regarding the account information in order that we may conscious of your account. To receive these alerts you ought to activate the alert within the account. Then the user can get the notification for each transaction.

Basic Requirements For Peryourhealth

To open an account in Peryourhealth login portal, you would like to possess the subsequent requirements with you. Those are listed below.

  • Mobile or a Laptop with internet access.
  • You should have a singular ID which is registered. This ID is effectively acquired from the patient’s statement or likewise from the receipt that you simply got to pay.
  • Other than this, you need an email id and furthermore a legitimate mobile number. This causes you in paying your bills and on schedule.

How To Register at Peryourhealth Portal

To register at Peryourhealth portal, you ought to pay your doctor’s bill through the web site Peryourhealth. Then you’ll find a button for registration. Here are the steps to follow the further registration process.

  • Initially, your computer or laptop should have an online connection.
  • Open your browser and visit the official site
  • Take your bill statement and replica the account number from it.
  • Be sure that the health care provider accepts the payment done through pay bill portal.
  • This account number which is on the billing statement helps the Peryourhealth portal to collect all the knowledge regarding the patient and bill payment details like billing amount, time and date of the bill, etc.
  • After giving your account number, enter the input details like valid mail, name and mobile number.
  • Read the terms and conditions of Peryourhealth portal and ensure them.
  • Finally, accompany the ‘register button. Now you’ll get a singular registration ID confirming that you simply are a registered user of the portal.

How To Pay Bill Online at

To pay your doctor’s bill online using Peryourhealth, you want to have an account number of valid bill statement or register ID and an email. Then follow the below procedure to log in to the location and pay your medical bills.

peryourhealth login

  • Go to the official site of Peryourhealth.
  • Now you’ll see the house page of this portal with an empty text box.
  • As you’re a registered user, kindly enter your registration ID therein text box and continue the method.
  • Now enter your mail ID to receive the billing statement to the present mail.
  • Then choose the payment option like net banking, credit/debit card which you desire.
  • Here provide all the banking details required to proceed the payment.
  • Once the payment is completed, a confirmation mail is received to your email id regarding the bill.

Benefits of

Peryourhealth portal helps many of its users a day in easy paying bills. It gives unbelievable advantages and highlights to its users. Below is the list of advantages it’s providing.

  • User pays all types of medical bills from everywhere the planet.
  • These portals are in no time, safe and also secure which you’ll operate easily.
  • Through this portal once after you log in, you’ll check your dues, history of your statement, notifications of your billings.
  • After every successful transaction, the user will get confirmation messages to mail or mobile regarding the payment details.
online teaching software

Best Online Course Platforms To Learn New Things

We offer you a selection of online course platforms where you can learn about any subject or subject from home and at your own pace. Thanks to the Internet, participating in a course that is taught miles away is no longer something of science fiction and is far from correspondence courses advertised on television. The current online courses can be taken when and how you want , you decide the time you dedicate and if you have any questions, you have at your disposal its creators to answer your questions.

online teaching software

Platforms such as Udemy, edX, Coursera or Udacity are very popular for the large number of online courses they offer. Below we expand this list with other names, maybe not as popular but also offer a catalogue of online courses with which to expand our knowledge in matters of our interest.


With more than 30,000 classes in its catalogue, SkillShare is an online course platform focused on design, illustration, photography, writing, entrepreneurship and business focused on the Internet and social networks.

By searching, consulting by topic or browsing the most popular or the most recent courses, SkillShare will show us what we can learn, how long it will take us to do it and how many people are already enrolled in that particular course.

As usual in this type of platform, once we enter the course page we will see how many lessons it consists of, total duration and each lesson, the minimum level required, who teaches the classes, usually in the form of explanatory videos and supplementary material. And to help us decide, each course includes the opinions of those who have done it previously. Of course, you should keep in mind that all SkillShare courses are available in English.


With courses in English, French or German, although there are also in other languages, iversity offers online courses to learn any subject for free and from home.


In the course face tab, you will see the language of the course if there is a calendar to follow or you can go for free, who teaches it and if the course belongs to a specific university or educational centre. In addition, in your presentation, you can read what it is and to whom it is addressed.

Courses iversity basically consist of audios or videos that can continue over time we have available. In addition, each course offers a complementary bibliography that we can consult if we want to expand the subject.

Learn for free

Learn Free is a good place where you will find more than 1,600 courses online and also free. Languages, business, computer science… The courses are of varied subjects and of different universities and educational centers.

We will find courses through the search engine, reviewing the recommendations of the main page or clicking on the sections. Online courses, for example, we will see all the available categories.

As usual, the course file will tell us who it is aimed at, how it is organized, what topics it will deal with and which university or organization manages the course, as well as the link to access that course.

UNED Open Courses

One of the Spanish universities that have opted for online courses is UNED (National Distance Education University). In its Open UNED Courses portal, we will find precisely online courses to learn languages, law, technology, economics and other subjects for free.

UNED Open Courses

In this portal, there are courses in Spanish and English, some with no defined calendar and others where it is indicated when they start. From the file, we will see the agenda, the hours required, if it is free and/or the price of the certificate of execution of the course, prerequisites, who teaches it, etc.


It also highlights Miríadax , the first platform of Ibero-American MOOCs that, together with Telefónica, is committed to promoting open knowledge in the regional area of ​​Higher Education, with more than 6 million students enrolled and more than 100 educational partners. Do you want to know more about this open platform without restrictions, without conditions, without schedules and without barriers?

taco bell food

How To Get Tacobell Discount Codes {Latest Ways 2019}

To get the Tacobell discount code for your exclusive online purchases. Not only for Tacobell, because you will also have access to thousands of special bargains and bargains in thousands of online stores throughout Spain, but all of them also selected and collected so you can enjoy them from a single site.

taco bell food

Lots of promotional codes that you can apply throughout the Tacobell store or for specific categories, and always verified by Tacobell. Even they are providing coupon codes and gift cards for submitting your feedback at Tellthebell Survey. All this so that you can make your purchases online with the best discounts, always finding the best prices,  exclusive Tacobell discount coupons, allowing you to save on your purchases time and money. Also with a multitude of promotional coupons for free shipping and many other offers. Start using your  Tacobell discount codes now.

From Cuore, we work so that you and all our readers can enjoy the best bargains, offers and coupons available for your purchases in the Tacobell online store and thousands of other stores on the Internet in many different product categories. Never saving was so easy with our discount coupons, offers and a great special Tacobell discount coupon for our Cuore readers.

And it is that from Cuore, in addition to offering you the best “Arrggg !!”, our team also works to locate all the bargains in the network, to be able to provide our online readers with the most attractive offers, promotions and discounts so you can drown in Your purchases online. This is a service that we offer completely free to be used by natural or legal persons. And we do it because we love to please our followers, and you can take advantage of the best opportunities by making your purchases smarter and with the best prices.

Tellthebell coupons

Using the promotional code is completely free, without subscription, or signing up on our site, although we always recommend that you subscribe to the newsletter so that you can be receiving our news and always be up to date with all the best bargains and offers of your online stores and favourite brands in Spain, to be able to obtain great discounts on your online purchases through our discount coupons.

What Are Discount Codes Tacobell?

Very simple, a  Tacobell discount code is opportunities that we locate and that involve a very low price of the product, usually come in promotional code formats, discount coupon, or discount voucher, among other nomenclatures, Tacobell discount codes offer you the opportunity to Enjoy offers, discounts and promotions in your online purchases.

How Can I Use My  Tacobell Discount Code When it Comes To a Coupon?

Very easy, you can use your coupon or promotional voucher to enjoy the Tacobell discount code in two very simple ways:

  • Through a specific link
  • Through a code that we provide and that you will have to copy and paste at the time of purchase.

It’s very simple, you just have to find your online store, your favourite brand and the product you want to buy from our page and you will find the related coupon so you can apply the discount.

We explain below step by step how to benefit from our promotional vouchers by link or through a promotional code :

1. Once you have found your store, your brand and your favourite Tacobell product on our page, you click on the “See Code” or “See Offer” button

2. If it is an alphanumeric coupon (that is, a code composed of numbers and letters), you just have to copy it (right mouse button => copy, or using the CTRL + C command) and click on “Go to the store”.

3. Sometimes you will find that you do not see a promotional code to copy and paste, do not worry, that is because in that case the discount is generated directly by clicking on the coupon of our page allowing you to access automatically to the discount that will be applied directly to the final purchase price of the product or products promoted.

free coupons

4. When you are in the Tacobell online store, you will have to choose the product or products you want to buy and add it to your shopping cart, adding the coupon code you copied by pasting it on the site reserved for it (you can do it with the right button of your mouse => paste; or with the command CRTL + V). Normally, the code is usually entered in a reserved space just before finishing your purchase, although in some stores it may appear a little earlier.

5. Check that your discount has been applied correctly. From Cuore, we strive to ensure that our codes are always updated, and for this, we are always offering new Vouchers and Promotional Coupons and Offers updated.

6. And finally, in order to get the most out of the Tacobell Promotion, you can share it with your Family and Friends, so that they can also benefit from the best discounts. And also, remember that by registering and you will receive a Surprise Coupon just for signing up for our newsletter.

Promotional Coupon Free Shipping in Tacobell

The free delivery is something that is always acclaimed by the readers of the coupons of Cuore, it is for this reason that we have dedicated an entire department in tracking for you this type of incentives, to such an extent that, free shipping is now possible if you use our coupons It doesn’t matter if you are a new user and want to make your first purchase, or if you are an old user and want to make your second purchase, in Cuore, we all have the opportunity to save.


How To Download AC Market Apk

AC Market is something like a special App Store on your smart devices. So simply we can identify this smart store as an Ultimate Android App Store on your Androids. You know what this is the largest offline APK store including hacked, cracked, modified, tweaked, and more other apps and games for your Android devices. If you feel free to know the ideal facts and experience more features of this Ultimate Android App Store then now you are in the right place. We hope this is the perfect place you can enjoy and access the AC Market store whatever you want.


What Is AC Market?

Bored with the default app store on your Android, iOS and PC devices? Then this is the time you must turn to the interesting app store in the market places. No matter, you can download the latest apps store called AC Market as your Apps store for Android, iOS, and Windows or MAC PC to get modified apps and more other APK for free. So, you can take your favourite apps and games without no more other restrictions. Also, this is a widely used application store right now according to its ratings.

However, there is the most popular games and apps as well as all the cracked or mods app collection store for your Windows or Mac computers and iOS or Android devices. No mess, AC Market is safe to use application store for millions of users. Seriously, its release as the wonderful app store to get access to premium apps for free in the market. Are you ready to Download AC Market latest version store out there? Hurrey, you are ready to go!

How To Install AC Market APK On Your Android Devices?

If you see to download and install AC Market as your duplicate for google play store then this App is the latest application for you. Let’s see the beginning of the steps installation for Android

ac market apk download

  • Get the latest ac market app download on your Android from us.
  • Then make sure your Android devices enable the “Unknown Sources” option. Go to the Settings>> Security>> Enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now install the ACMarket app on your Android devices.
  • Finally, you will see the app icon in your Android menu.
  • Start to enjoy wonderful Android apps and games on your Androids.

Interesting Features of AC Market

  • This application store loads with interesting Android or iOS apps and games for free.
  • There is a very user-friendly interface.
  • It is very easy to manage on your device.
  • Without any troubles, you can use this app on all the Android, iOS and PC platforms without any restrictions.

ac market features

  • Take the extra features of the top-rated games and apps including Play Store for free
  • The best unofficial source for all the platforms.
  • This does not require any jailbreak or root access permission to download AC Market on your device.
  • You can take all the official and unofficial applications like modified and premium apps and games for free.
  • You can download any paid apps for free.

Why do people like to Download ACMarket?

The reason to download AC Market on all the smart device is everyone can experience the latest interesting Android or iOS apps and games for free from this application store. Which means everyone can take the largest APK store or Ultimate App Store including hacked, cracked, modified, tweaked, and more other apps and games for your smart devices. Yes, you are the guy who fed up to use the default app store according to the different drugs or any matter, AC Market is the best solution you can turn your mind refresh. This is such a third party application store on your smart devices. Seriously with the help of this smart store you can get modified or tweaked apps and games for free.

Although, there is an own app manager which helps you to update all the apps you downloaded on your device with the release of new versions. Plus, there are in-app features to buy your favourite games lives, gems, level skipping, coins, and more other things without doing any payments. True, you can take paid or premium apps such as MX Player Pro, Nova Launcher Prime, and more other apps without paying some money.

Especially, this store is duplicate to google play store and also its user-friendly interface which helps to use it no more advanced knowledge. So these are the reason for most of the people willing to Download ACMarket on their smart devices.



A Handy Shortcut To Have Your SEO Tools At Hand

Nowadays pages are no longer written in the address bar. They are looking for. The importance of SEO or search engine optimization is as relevant as a simple well-positioned link can bring us visits for a whole month. Hence, current pages are created with SEO in mind and part of the code or operation of a website focuses directly on that purpose.


There are many and varied SEO tools. Hence, if you dedicate yourself to SEO positioning or you have to deal with it regularly, you will surely have a folder in the browser full of addresses of SEO solutions that you access frequently.

To make things a bit easier, developer Peter Thaleikis has created a simple extension or add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome where he collects some of the most used SEO tools. Its name is very SEO, SEO Tool Extension, and it can be easily downloaded and installed.

Once installed, we will have in our browser the icon of a cardboard box from which we will see links to SEO solutions that will help us in the daily positioning routines of our website.

The SEO Tool Extension Recommendations

Whether or not you are interested in this extension, it is clear that it is not too much to take a look at the options that its creator has considered convenient to include, that is, what tools this developer considers that we should use if we are SEO specialists or perform tasks of this type. SEO Tool Extension is divided into four parts: backlinks, content, tests and, finally, index & archives.

seo tools

In backlinks, we find Ahref, Majestic, Moz and SEMrush. Ahref is a compendium of SEO tools in itself that allows you to analyze the competition, find attractive keywords for search engines, analyze links, content and monitor the pages and websites that we indicate. If we go to its main menu we will find many more functions, although all of them are paid.

Majestic, with free and other paid functions, allows you to see very complete information of any web link that we paste in the search field thanks to the mapping it performs regularly. With this tool, we will obtain a profile or radiography of a website to know it better from the SEO point of view.

MOZ is another practical tool that will help us search for keywords, analyze websites and links, optimize pages, etc. To use these functions we must subscribe to one of the payment plans. Very similar is SEMrush, which also allows you to analyze domains and links, search for keywords and optimize our website, among other SEO tasks.

The second section of SEO Tool Extension is called Content and offers four links: Siteliner, Similarweb, BuzzSumo and UberSuggest. Siteliner searches for duplicate content, broken links and other errors and problems related to the content of our website. We can use it for free and without registration.

Similarweb serves to know the competition of the pages we search in your database, similar pages or similar content. It also offers analytical information and statistics about your visits, ranking position, etc. It is free in its basic version although it has payment options.

BuzzSumo offers keywords and topics of interest depending on a topic or category as well as the websites we search. It combines the basic functions free and other more advanced payment. For its part, UberSuggest will also give us SEO keywords from a domain or search word.

SEO Tool Extension also recommends SEO tools to test our website, with the particularity that if we click on them, the test will open with the page that we have open at that time. PageSpeed is a Google tool that helps us improve the loading speed of our website with tips and suggestions.

For its part, Structured Data, also from Google, checks if the data is structured. Mobile friendly checks if the website we have open is compatible with mobile devices.

And finally, SecurityHeaders will tell us if the website we have open meets SEO standards and requirements in terms of headlines or headers of the pages included. If you find any problem or error, you will let us know with a description and possible solutions.

Finally, SEO Tool Extension offers four sources with which to recover old and saved versions of websites to recover from the past in case a page has fallen or is not available.

On the one hand, Google Index and Google Google Cache allow us to search for a website in the current Google and in its cache. And from the Internet Archive, we get two other indexed website recovery tools, Host and URL.

192-168-1-254 Enter the router’s Wi-Fi Configuration is the IP address to enter the router or modem and we will explain how to access and change the WiFi password of Telmex devices and others. This is to access the router’s WiFi configuration, such as the Movistar, Telmex Infinitum and DSL, modem/router, Izzi, Totalplay, Axtel, cablemas, Megacable and Telecable companies. Also, it is very common to access some modem or router brand Cisco, Huawei, Thomson, among others. Therefore, in this article, we will explain how to access each brand of router.


Access the WiFi configuration of the Infinitum routers with

If your router is Infinitum to access it is then it will ask you for a username and password, in the username type TELMEX, in capital letters, in the password you have to put a code that is behind the modem that says “WEP KEY.” You should also check if your router is TELMEX fibre optic.

It should be noted that sometimes the configuration of the Telmex router is modified and put as access to 192.168.l.254. Therefore, if it doesn’t work with, try entering

Access the Wi-Fi settings of the Technicolor Thomson TG789 V2 router

To enter these modems just like the other you have to access the IP mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is normal that you do not ask for username and password, in case you ask for such information, you put admin user and code 1234.

For more details on how to configure Wi-Fi on this modem/router follow the steps in the manual of this link.

Enter 192.168.l.254 to the Wi-Fi configuration of the Billion router

You enter the same IP address from the browser by typing it in the address bar, then a box will appear asking you for a username and password, in the username type admin and the password equally admin.

Enter the router configuration page of the 2Wire company

To access these routers, you must also access the address, a window will appear asking for a username and password, in the username you put admin and in the password also admin. If this information does not allow you to enter, you have to enter a wireless password.

If your router is from the Netopia company

To access these routers on some occasions it is and sometimes, try both ways, you will be asked for a username and password, in the username put admin and the password also give admin, if Do not enter with these credentials test with the password 1234 and then press ENTER to access 192.168.l.254.

It is important to know that some of the router updates the firmware and some information of the wireless configuration may change

5 Ways To Use Gmail Clip Art Responses

One of the things that consume me the most time is email. No matter how hard I try to bring my mailbox to zero inboxes, always, as soon as I turn around, I have fifty or a hundred new emails to process. Tools like have helped me a lot to control that constant avalanche, but one of the things that have been most useful to me is the use of predesigned responses or templates in Gmail.


These templates are, basically, drafts that you create yourself according to the circumstances that are most repeated in your daily use of email, and that when saved as a pre-designed response they become easily accessible and allow you to insert them with a couple of clicks on Any new email. The ideas that we bring you today are just some of the most common ways to use them, but you can identify what those emails you are writing over and over again, wasting your valuable time when you could easily shorten the process.


The first requirement to use pre-designed responses is to enable the option in Labs (for reasons I don’t understand, at this point the templates are still a kind of “experimental option”). “Labs” is located in the Gmail settings, and the pre-designed answer option is one of the first in the list.

Once we have enabled and saved these settings, we go to the main screen of Gmail and open a new draft, where we will write our first predesigned response. When it is ready, we click on the options menu (the arrow in the lower right corner) and choosing the option “Predesigned response”, we save our draft, which we must assign a name that makes it easy to recognize. To this same menu, but choosing the “insert” option, we will go when we want to use one of these templates.


Personal information

The circumstances in which we need to write our personal data for a shipment, payment or similar transaction are very frequent. Depending on the case, it may be useful to have a predesigned response with information such as our address, telephone number or bank details.

Confirmation messages

If you handle a large volume of e-mails and try to maintain a certain level of courtesy, you may be wasting a lot of time writing messages that mean “received. ” You can create a template with a greeting and a couple of lines that say something like “I received your information, I will contact you soon”, or similar text.

Frequent Answers

Likewise, if there is a question that they ask you a lot, for example, a recurring query related to your work, it is useful to have the information at hand and not have to write it again. For example, I have a predesigned response telling readers who write to me where they can find my books and another with some basic information about the services I provide as a freelancer.

Configure automatic responses

If there is some kind of process that you are carrying out so often that it can be automated even more (for example, responding to a contact form on your website) you can create a filter and configure it to respond to the appropriate emails (for example, those that contain certain words in the subject) using automatically a predesigned answer.

Use multiple signatures

Gmail does not support multiple signatures, but for people who fulfil multiple work roles and would prefer to have the option to sign according to the role they are playing at that moment, this can be a way to implement them without needing browser extensions or other tools.
Gmail’s predesigned responses are often seen as silly or with little potential, but if you invest a little time adapting them to your needs you will see that they can become a tremendously powerful tool to save you time and effort in managing your email.

3 Tricks To Improve The Browsing Speed In Firefox

For many, the Mozilla browser is still their favourite, and although Google Chrome is made with the majority of the market, there are still many who defend this great piece of software, which is also the only one of the main web browsers that do not track all and each of your movements. If you are someone who uses Firefox because it thinks it is better than Chrome, or simply because it meets what you need and you care about your privacy, today we bring you a series of tips to increase the speed with which you browse the web in Firefox.


Before starting, a small warning. Following these instructions will make you modify default values ​​in the Firefox settings. If your browser works well enough and you do not think you need more speed, you better leave it as it is. If you think you could benefit from a faster load on the web, or lower consumption of RAM, keep going.


  • Open Firefox and in the address bar type ” about config ” (without quotes) and press Enter.
  • You’ll see a Firefox security warning telling you that you’re about to play with things from big people. Continue if you feel brave.
  • In the search box that appears above, type ” network .http. «
  • Locate the entry ” network.http.pipelining ” and change its value to ” true by double-clicking on the line.
  • Locate the entry ” network.http.proxy.pipelining ” and change its value to true.
  • Locate the entry ” network.http.pipelining.maxrequests ” and change the numeric value to 10.

With this, what you are doing are 2 things: enabling pipelining, which allows the browser to make more than one request to a web page at the same time (by default only one is made); and setting the value to 10 the browser will make 10 requests at the same time. You can change the value to less or more to test how it works better.


To keep many data accessible more quickly, browsers store all kinds of information in cache, and although it is beneficial because it allows us to load pages that we visit a lot more often, sometimes this is inefficient when we open many websites, we close and still Firefox is using a lot of memory to keep them in cache. To reduce the amount of RAM the browser uses for its cache function, do the following:

  • Type again in the address bar ” about config ” and press Enter.
  • In the search, type ” browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewer “.
  • Change its value to 0 by double-clicking on the line and entering the new value.


The chances are that if you have the browser minimized is because you’re not using it, however, that does not stop you from continuing to consume memory for each open tab and loaded extension you have. With this trick, you can create a variable in the configuration that will reduce the memory consumption of Firefox when it is minimized.

  • Write ” about: config ” in the address bar.
  • Right-click anywhere and select New -> yes / no to create a variable of “true or false” value.
  • In the drawer that appears write ” config.trim_on_minimize ” and press Enter.
    Select True as a value, press Enter and restart Firefox.
  • If you want to return to the default values, you just have to follow the same steps and revert the changes. Which will be easy since Firefox highlights which variables have been modified by the user.