online teaching software

Best Online Course Platforms To Learn New Things

We offer you a selection of online course platforms where you can learn about any subject or subject from home and at your own pace. Thanks to the Internet, participating in a course that is taught miles away is no longer something of science fiction and is far from correspondence courses advertised on television. The current online courses can be taken when and how you want , you decide the time you dedicate and if you have any questions, you have at your disposal its creators to answer your questions.

online teaching software

Platforms such as Udemy, edX, Coursera or Udacity are very popular for the large number of online courses they offer. Below we expand this list with other names, maybe not as popular but also offer a catalogue of online courses with which to expand our knowledge in matters of our interest.


With more than 30,000 classes in its catalogue, SkillShare is an online course platform focused on design, illustration, photography, writing, entrepreneurship and business focused on the Internet and social networks.

By searching, consulting by topic or browsing the most popular or the most recent courses, SkillShare will show us what we can learn, how long it will take us to do it and how many people are already enrolled in that particular course.

As usual in this type of platform, once we enter the course page we will see how many lessons it consists of, total duration and each lesson, the minimum level required, who teaches the classes, usually in the form of explanatory videos and supplementary material. And to help us decide, each course includes the opinions of those who have done it previously. Of course, you should keep in mind that all SkillShare courses are available in English.


With courses in English, French or German, although there are also in other languages, iversity offers online courses to learn any subject for free and from home.


In the course face tab, you will see the language of the course if there is a calendar to follow or you can go for free, who teaches it and if the course belongs to a specific university or educational centre. In addition, in your presentation, you can read what it is and to whom it is addressed.

Courses iversity basically consist of audios or videos that can continue over time we have available. In addition, each course offers a complementary bibliography that we can consult if we want to expand the subject.

Learn for free

Learn Free is a good place where you will find more than 1,600 courses online and also free. Languages, business, computer science… The courses are of varied subjects and of different universities and educational centers.

We will find courses through the search engine, reviewing the recommendations of the main page or clicking on the sections. Online courses, for example, we will see all the available categories.

As usual, the course file will tell us who it is aimed at, how it is organized, what topics it will deal with and which university or organization manages the course, as well as the link to access that course.

UNED Open Courses

One of the Spanish universities that have opted for online courses is UNED (National Distance Education University). In its Open UNED Courses portal, we will find precisely online courses to learn languages, law, technology, economics and other subjects for free.

UNED Open Courses

In this portal, there are courses in Spanish and English, some with no defined calendar and others where it is indicated when they start. From the file, we will see the agenda, the hours required, if it is free and/or the price of the certificate of execution of the course, prerequisites, who teaches it, etc.


It also highlights Miríadax , the first platform of Ibero-American MOOCs that, together with Telefónica, is committed to promoting open knowledge in the regional area of ​​Higher Education, with more than 6 million students enrolled and more than 100 educational partners. Do you want to know more about this open platform without restrictions, without conditions, without schedules and without barriers?

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