How To Set Parental Controls On An Android Device

We live in a world in which our children are constantly exposed to technology and have access to all kinds of devices. Tablets and smartphones have the characteristic of being portable, so it is usually one of the favourite choices of parents to entertain their children anytime, anywhere.

Set Up Parental Controls in Android

Along with familiarization with the available tools and all possible knowledge that can be acquired, we also expose our children to unwanted content, or in an extreme case to which they can be harassed virtually by adults. Hence the need to establish parental controls in the devices that our children use: to protect them from everything that we can not control by ourselves all the time.

Tablet Com Android

Since the launch of Android 4.3 was included the possibility of creating differentiated users on your tablet, with different applications and configurations. To achieve this we will follow a few simple steps:

  • In the configuration menu, we will select «users»
  • Then click on “new user/profile”.
  • We will select «Restricted profile»
  • At this time it will show us all the applications installed on the tablet.
  • With a simple button, we will activate and deactivate the applications that we do not want to be accessed. It is important to know that not all applications can be disabled in this way.
  • Then we will go back to the settings menu and we will also deactivate the access to the location of the device.
  • From now on every time the screen is blocked, it will give us the option to choose the user with whom we want to enter. It is a good idea to configure an entry key for each user, either with numbers or patterns. You can add all the users you want.

Android Baby Smartphone

A quick solution to block internet access, calls and messages are to use Airplane Mode, which can normally be selected from the power off menu. Of course, we must bear in mind that it will be just as simple that the child can deactivate it, although this will surely not be a problem if we are dealing with a small child.

Prevent Application Purchases

We all know that children (and not-so-children) enjoy games and that Google Play shows ads about these games constantly. It is very easy for any child to access the Play Store and buy a game with just a couple of clicks and at the time of the summary of the credit, card surprises arrive. And it does not just happen with downloading applications from the application store, there are also offers of extra features within them.

To protect the wallet we will do something very simple: open the Google Play Store, go to the configuration menu and select «Request authentication to make purchases» and there we will opt for the option to request authentication always. This way they can only make purchases if they know the password of your Google account.

In this same menu, you will find the option «Filter Content», selecting there will give us several options according to the age of the user. In my case I selected “Suitable for all public”, to avoid having access to any type of application for adults.

So far we will prevent you from downloading from Google Play, but you can still download applications from other stores. To avoid this, we will go to the General Settings menu, to the Security options and we will make sure to have the option “allow the installation of applications from unknown sources” disabled.

Some Useful Applications

In addition to the elementary configurations that we have already listed, there are a number of applications to establish parental controls in Android to install and help us cover various aspects of security and control.

AppLock is a free application that allows you to password-lock certain applications while allowing the device to be used. We could protect our email account, Facebook, Twitter, among many others to avoid intrusions in our privacy or possible strange messages (and not only because of our children), but an interesting feature is also a possibility of hiding the photographs from the galleries and videos that we select. It also allows you to block both outgoing and incoming calls and configure different profiles.

Safe Browser is a free application that serves to filter content on the web. It filters all kinds of pornographic, erotic pages, those referring to narcotics, violence, those known to send spam, spyware or viruses and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

There are other applications in the market to make a closer control of what our children do, such as TimeAway is a free application that helps us establish habits of good use of the smartphone or tablet, making it possible to block all devices in one schedule in particular (time to eat in family or sleep), set time limits for use of particular applications, restrict access to the web and geographically locate our children using GPS.