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192-168-1-254 Enter the router’s Wi-Fi Configuration is the IP address to enter the router or modem and we will explain how to access and change the WiFi password of Telmex devices and others. This is to access the router’s WiFi configuration, such as the Movistar, Telmex Infinitum and DSL, modem/router, Izzi, Totalplay, Axtel, cablemas, Megacable and Telecable companies. Also, it is very common to access some modem or router brand Cisco, Huawei, Thomson, among others. Therefore, in this article, we will explain how to access each brand of router.


Access the WiFi configuration of the Infinitum routers with

If your router is Infinitum to access it is then it will ask you for a username and password, in the username type TELMEX, in capital letters, in the password you have to put a code that is behind the modem that says “WEP KEY.” You should also check if your router is TELMEX fibre optic.

It should be noted that sometimes the configuration of the Telmex router is modified and put as access to 192.168.l.254. Therefore, if it doesn’t work with, try entering

Access the Wi-Fi settings of the Technicolor Thomson TG789 V2 router

To enter these modems just like the other you have to access the IP mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is normal that you do not ask for username and password, in case you ask for such information, you put admin user and code 1234.

For more details on how to configure Wi-Fi on this modem/router follow the steps in the manual of this link.

Enter 192.168.l.254 to the Wi-Fi configuration of the Billion router

You enter the same IP address from the browser by typing it in the address bar, then a box will appear asking you for a username and password, in the username type admin and the password equally admin.

Enter the router configuration page of the 2Wire company

To access these routers, you must also access the address, a window will appear asking for a username and password, in the username you put admin and in the password also admin. If this information does not allow you to enter, you have to enter a wireless password.

If your router is from the Netopia company

To access these routers on some occasions it is and sometimes, try both ways, you will be asked for a username and password, in the username put admin and the password also give admin, if Do not enter with these credentials test with the password 1234 and then press ENTER to access 192.168.l.254.

It is important to know that some of the router updates the firmware and some information of the wireless configuration may change